Success story: Online advertising

In December we set up an advertising campaign for one of our clients on Facebook and Instagram with the aim of generating more sales through the webshop. Among other things, dynamic advertisements are used in the campaign. With this type of advertisements, the correct products are automatically displayed to people who have shown interest on the website.

Through the advertising campaign we set up, with a spent budget of €417 more than €19,000 in turnover was achieved. This means that the ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) is 42:1.

We have been able to achieve good results for our clients before, but this campaign is performing well above average. As a next step, we will look at how far we can scale up the advertising campaign to achieve even more sales.

Of course, we cannot promise you a success story like this, but would you also like to see what online advertising could bring your company? Read more about our online advertising service or get in touch with us!